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  • IMG_9421

    FMCG clients gratified with an exclusive seminar designed by Product of the Year Lebanon

    Known for its commitment to always provide its clients with a long-term support system to optimize their marketing efforts and investments, Product of the Year Lebanon organized a seminar exclusively designed for Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients in Beirut Digital District on Wednesday September 7th. Hosted by forefront speakers and experts in the global and regional marketing field, and [...]
  • Photo 1

    Shape Your Career

    On June 3rd, 2016 the Global Shapers of Beirut – a group of young leaders in their respective fields whose mission is to help alleviate the different existing challenges in the Lebanese capital from the waste management crisis to the refugee influx to youth empowerment – in collaboration with the Career Services of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut [...]
  • IMG Selfie

    JCI, UNIC-Beirut Launch Education Fair: “After School: What’s Up?”

    Under the Patronage of Lebanese Minister of Education and Higher Education Elias Bou Saab, Junior Chamber International Beirut (JCI Beirut), in cooperation with the UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC-Beirut), launched on Thursday afternoon a three-day Fair entitled “After School: What’s Up?” for high school students in Lebanon at UNESCO Palace, Beirut. Participating in the [...]
  • divvy

    DIVVY Mother’s Day Video Goes Viral

    Is there anything more pure and beautiful than a mother’s unconditional love for her children? Being kissed on your forehead before you go to bed. Being there for you when you need her. Being there for you when you don’t even know you need her. Putting a Band-Aid on your knee after you’ve fallen down. Wiping away your tears. Preparing your favorite meal. Watching you grow up. [...]
  • unnamed

    With tears in her eyes, she celebrates her day!

    Believing that motherhood is the holiest mission in human’s life, The Spot Mall, the Center of Commercial Networks, initiated to rejoin a proud and a loving mother to her expat child on mother’s day. March 20, started as an ordinary day to Mrs. Renée Zouein, and later transformed in to an applauded event, bursting with tears of joy and gratification, through witnessing the [...]
  • BNK_3925

    International app eCab partners with Allo Taxi to launch Franco-Lebanese taxi service with competitive prices and improved service

    Under the high patronage of the French embassy and in the presence of the French Ambassador Mr. Emmanuel Bonne, the international transport application eCab was launched in Beirut.  The event, which gathered a number of officials and social figures at the Pine Residence, announced the partnership between eCab, an international start-up incubated by G7 in Paris, and the local leading [...]
  • b7c4ea86-6b25-4f26-9a26-480e15dc02ea-large

    Alfa launches Alfa U-shop app, which offers exclusive shopping deals to its subscribers

    Alfa, managed by Orascom Telecom, launched the Alfa U-shop app, which offers all its prepaid and postpaid subscribers the best exclusive shopping deals by high-end brands and local stores that provide a variety of goods and services to suit all tastes. Alfa CEO and Chairman Marwan Hayek said, “The launch of this exclusive app aims to keep pace with the tremendous growth in the digital [...]
  • lg-v10-50

    LG Electronics unveils its new V10 smartphone during a non-traditional ceremony

    In its continuous drive to provide Lebanese customers with the latest mobile experience, LG Electronics announced the launch of its all-new V10 Smartphone in Lebanon. The announcement came during a fun gathering organized by LG Electronics for a select crowd of media representatives on December 21, 2015 who got the chance to experience the V10’s distinctive features on the spot. The first [...]
  • Group Photo

    Ericsson’s Change-Makers Forum Discussed the Need of New Business Models Enabled by Digital Transformation

    The Change-Makers Forum, hosted by Ericsson, has wrapped up in Dubai, setting the importance on digital transformation and the need to think of alternative business models to seize the opportunities brought by the Networked Society. Nowadays, the effects of digital technology are experienced far beyond the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, transforming sectors and [...]

Random Posts

  • Techdays- 2
    IT professionals and technology fans had the exclusive opportunity to discover the best methods to get up-to-speed with the latest Microsoft technology at Microsoft TechDays 10, an inspiring yearly event aimed at presenting and illustrating Microsoft’s latest application development and design technology tools for developers while deepening their knowledge in a special hands-on Cloud Dev [...]
  • WaelKouz
    Wael Kouz Today, as we pass by an electronics store, we are bound to see this particular device and put its technology to the test. We have this urge to own it and navigate through all its features, or what we understand from those at least. Technology is improving and changing so fast, that even this most apt generation is having a hard time catching up with it. IBM researchers are exploring the [...]
  • #NoLawNoVote
    Joelle Hajji Last month, the #NoLawNoVote campaign reached almost everyone including big brands in support of women who are domestically abused. The parliament has approved the law to protect women from domestic violence. However, the law has been passed without the amendments requested by KAFA. KAFA’s amendment aimed to end the right of the husband to rape his wife and the parliament didn’t [...]
  • Assaad Thebian
    The opinionated Assaad Thebian. By Lara Al Sous @ElleSous   As an online business owner or blogger, you have to adapt your work to a lot of boundaries put up by social media. What is more, in order to keep drawing your followers to your social media platforms, you need to nurture your relationship with them. In fact, the direction this digital media strategist, copywriter and blogger [...]
  • 1546074_594979077277712_4675263468469524198_n
    TEDxLAU travels with their audience through time. By Yara Nahle @yarabee2 In a country plagued with inflation, youth unemployment, and unrest, it has become easy to fall victim to a pessimistic, fatalistic attitude.  To get out of this rut, we have to keep reminding ourselves that improvement is on its way! However, how can we do that if we’re still looking at life with the same [...]
  • product-recall
    Raja Riachi Product recalls, from Sony Vaio’s recent burning batteries, to Iphone 5 sleep/wake buttons that do not work, to Toyota’s faulty brakes: it is something many companies have to face at some point. Some are more publicized than others, usually because of the dangerous nature of the flaw in the product which led to a recall. What a recall is exactly, is your product being [...]
  • power-of-pank
    Sarah Sabbagh As the digital market becomes more and more competitive, it becomes increasingly important for marketers to re-segment the market to come up with a new niche. And one that has just most recently popped up is the “PANK”, the Professional Aunt No Kids. This trademarked acronym was created by Melania Notkin, a former interactive marketing and communications executive for [...]
  • mohamad_hijazi_may_2014
    Mohammad Hijazi As cliché as it may sound, it is very true. You will have to learn it the hard way to believe it. No matter if you are nice to everyone or employ democratic techniques to try to balance all the sides, you can never please everyone at the same time. It is something that you have to live with and get accustomed to. The only way you can avoid this is do nothing with your life [...]
  • Senior Casio officials launching the world's first calculator with an Arabic language interface in Dubai
    Casio Middle East announced the launch of the world's first standard scientific calculator with an Arabic display. The first-ever calculator with an Arabic interface is a development of immense significance for the Middle East region and has the potential to benefit over 2 million students across the wider area. The ClassWiz fx-991AR X calculator offers the benefits of a modern scientific [...]
  • mayazankoulissue3
    Mohammad Hijazi In an attempt to promote inspiring stories about people from the Lebanese Online Community, we, at Cloud961, have decided to dedicate a monthly column to interview an inspiring figure that has left a mark in the Lebanese online sphere. For your suggestions for this column, feel free to email me on Maya Zankoul is a Lebanese designer and visual artist. She [...]